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Professional Water Treatment in Kittanning, PA

High-Quality Water Treatment Services from Leighton Drilling Co.

If you own a home and require water treatment in Kittanning, PA, talk to the experts at Leighton Drilling Co. We offer unique systems set up for your specific water wants and needs. Our experienced staff will diagnose and solve common water problems. These include hardness, smell (hydrogen sulfide), bacteria, iron, pH, manganese, odors, taste, and discoloration. Additionally, we use a range of systems including softeners, filters, chlorination systems, UV lights, and reverse osmosis systems. No matter what your issue is, Leighton Drilling Co. can help Kittanning-area residents achieve better water quality. Call us today at (724) 548-1083 for a free water test and treatment system estimate.

City Water Treatment Available from Our Experienced Staff

While many property owners in Western Pennsylvania opt for well water, others utilize city water for drinking, showering, and cleaning. If you rely on city water in certain areas, you may worry about the quality and drinkability. Our team can analyze water anywhere in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and treat it when necessary. We also install systems that clean up city water. We can apply a carbon filter to your city water to remove or reduce chlorine. Contact Leighton Drilling Co. for more information regarding these filters to clean up your city water.

Schedule Annual Water Check-Ups With Our Staff in Kittanning, PA

The majority of well owners do not contact someone about their water until it becomes a problem. Our experienced staff has the solution to this conundrum. We offer an annual checkup to help keep your water flowing the way it needs to. Areas of your system that we assess include well pumps, pressure tanks, controls, water treatment, and water testing. Contact us today for more information on this service. We personalize a checkup based on the homeowners’ equipment and needs. Our technicians offer free estimates for all of our services.

Call Leighton Drilling Co. to learn more about water treatment in Kittanning, PA.