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benefits of a cistern

Diversify Your Home Water Source with a Cistern System Installation

What is a cistern system by Leighton Drilling Co.?

Are you looking to diversify your home water source with a cistern system installation? Leighton Drilling Co. is one of the few companies in Kittanning, PA that specializes in cistern system installation. The first question you may have is what is a cistern? A cistern is simply a specialized collecting, storing and filtering water for personal use. The earliest cisterns date back more than 5,000 years. Like a water well, a cistern system allows you to use water off-grid.  Cistern systems vary in size, are underground or above-ground, and frequently supplied by a water well, spring or rain. Some cistern water systems can supply home water, but are mostly for irrigation.  Contact Leighton Drilling Co. at (724) 548-1083 ext 1 to discuss a possible cistern system installation.



How a Cistern System Differs from a Water Well

The main difference between a cistern water system and a water well is where it gets the water. A cistern stores water from an external source in a watertight container. This container is connected by pipes to the water source and your home’s water system. A well itself is a water source underground you can draw water from. Both systems use a pump to move water through the pipes at your home.



Pros and Cons of a Cistern Water System


Pros of a Cistern Water System

  • Cistern water systems make it possible to use weak, low-yielding water wells and springs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Cisterns allow you to collect previously uncollectible water, such as rainwater.
  • Cisterns store water, which is useful during droughts.
  • Water continues to flow even during power outages because gravity-fed cistern water systems are not powered by electricity.


Cons of a Cistern Water System

  • Installing a cistern water system is complicated and expensive. The bigger your family, the more water you’ll need, and the more expensive it will be.
  • You need to inspect, clean, and test a cistern system on a regular basis to guarantee safe and drinkable water.
  • Cistern water systems are more sophisticated than city water or water well systems, creating greater potential for failure.



For more information on water systems, give Leighton Drilling Co., a call at 724-548-1083. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to discuss more about how to diversify your home water source with a cistern system installation.