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Benefits of Water Well Drilling

Leighton Drilling Co. Can Install a Personal Well for Your Home

Roughly 15 percent of the American population see the benefits of water well drilling. About 45 million people receive water from private wells. Today, more homeowners in populous regions are thinking about having their own private well. In the past they were usually only installed for homes located in rural areas where municipal water service couldn’t reach. This month, we’re breaking down the advantages of well drilling if you’re building a house or just searching for other methods. To discuss having a well drilled on your property, call Leighton Drilling Co. at (724) 548-1083 ext. 1.



Water Well Drilling Allows for Independent Water Source

Having your own well means not worrying about losing water due to a drought or other water scarcity. Furthermore, because wells don’t have chemical treatments like chlorine, they offer water of a higher quality than municipal water sources.



Save Money Over Time with a Well

Owning a well allows you to save money since you do not need to pay a monthly municipal water bill. While drilling a water well requires an investment, afterwards only expenditures are for yearly impurity testing and sporadic maintenance. The typical well pump has a lifespan of roughly 10 years.



Water from a Well Tastes Better than City Water

Well water is extracted from deep down, where it has been naturally filtered through layers of rock and mineral deposits. This process results in a cleaner, purer flavor. A well that is well-maintained will provide better-tasting water that is more delightful to drink than municipal water. The water is overall healthier since chemicals are not cleaning the water.



Be Eco-Friendly with a Water Well

Private water wells typically have less of an impact on the environment than other water sources. It takes a significant amount of energy to pump the water long distances from a cleaning facility to your home. The only energy necessary for a well is for a well pump to move water up and into your home. There is no need for chemicals to cleanse or filter the water. Groundwater filters naturally through rock strata before storing in subterranean aquifers. Even in the most severe droughts, groundwater is seldom drained and is constantly replenished.


For more information on water well drilling, call Leighton Drilling Co. at 724-548-1083, or check us out on Facebook. Our technicians will further explain the benefits of well drilling.