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Perks of a Constant Pressure System

Leighton Drilling Co. Can Install Water Pressure Tank in Your Home

Leighton Drilling Co. wants you to know the perks of a constant pressure system. One downfall that many find with well water systems is the lack of water pressure. You sometimes wish for more pressure while showering to just feel cleaner. With well system there is usually a need to schedule water use, including showering, running the dishwasher and washing clothes. A way to prevent this inconvenience is to have a constant pressure system installed in your home today. Call Leighton Drilling Co. at (724) 548-1083 ext. 2 to get an estimate on a water pressure system.



What is a Constant Pressure System?

A constant pressure system is a piece of equipment that ensures your water pressure remains consistent. The water pressure will not change whether you are running a dishwasher, showering or flushing the toilet concurrently. A constant pressure system responds to water demand by regulating the rotation speed (RPM) of your well pump. The pump activates as soon as it detects a pressure decrease. It continues to operate to maintain a certain psi by operating slower or faster.



Perks of a Constant Pressure System


Constant and reliable water pressure: Traditional systems, while fully functional, can only pump up to 15 gallons per minute. A constant pressure system can pump up to 45 gallons per minute. Compare this to a traditional system that usually pumps about 15 gallons per minute. If you flush the toilet while someone is showering you will not notice a constant pressure system. In a traditional system you will drastically lose shower pressure.


Use a smaller water tank: Save space in your home since constant pressure systems work without a pressure tank.


Less maintenance: Constant pressure systems prevent constant pump cycling on and off. This saves your system from excess wear and tear and needed maintenance. You’ll find this leads to a longer life for your well pump.



For more information on water pump systems, Leighton Drilling Co is the place to go. Reach us by phone at 724-548-1083. Check out our Facebook page for the latest news and information about the perks of a constant pressure system.