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Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence: Leighton Drilling Co.’s Golden Anniversary

James in front of Leighton Drilling Truck

A Legacy Founded on Hard Work and Dedication In the heart of Kittanning, PA, stands a testament to half a century of unwavering commitment to quality, service, and community. Founded in 1973 by Jim and Joan Leighton, Leighton Drilling Co. embarked on a journey that would span generations. Throughout the years Leighton Drilling Co. has […]

The Sustainable Choice: Benefits of a Cistern

benefits of a cistern

Leighton Drilling Co. Installs Residential Cisterns When looking for a sustainable water choice, it is important to look at the benefits of a cistern. Cisterns are an ancient technology that are now modern to provide substantial benefits for both homeowners and the environment. At Leighton Drilling Co., we specialize in the installation and maintenance of […]

Choosing the Right Filtration System for Your Well Water


Trust Leighton Drilling Co. for Clean, Safe Well Water If your well water isn’t meeting your standards, you may need help choosing the right filtration system for your well water. Now is the time to take control of your well water quality. At Leighton Drilling Co., we understand the importance of clean, safe well water. […]

Diversify Your Home Water Source with a Cistern System Installation

benefits of a cistern

What is a cistern system by Leighton Drilling Co.? Are you looking to diversify your home water source with a cistern system installation? Leighton Drilling Co. is one of the few companies in Kittanning, PA that specializes in cistern system installation. The first question you may have is what is a cistern? A cistern is […]

Benefits of Water Well Drilling

Leighton Drilling Co. Can Install a Personal Well for Your Home Roughly 15 percent of the American population see the benefits of water well drilling. About 45 million people receive water from private wells. Today, more homeowners in populous regions are thinking about having their own private well. In the past they were usually only […]

Perks of a Constant Pressure System

Leighton Drilling Co. Can Install Water Pressure Tank in Your Home Leighton Drilling Co. wants you to know the perks of a constant pressure system. One downfall that many find with well water systems is the lack of water pressure. You sometimes wish for more pressure while showering to just feel cleaner. With well system […]